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Do not give yourself away

“When Women are treated with respect, all people are respected. When women are oppressed, all people become repressed and dishonest.

When the people who hold the power have high expectations, inferior results occur. When you try to cheer people up, you prepare them for discontent. When you try to make people honest, you prepare the foundation for dishonesty.

The wise woman is happy to be a model and not to try to control others. She is sharp but does not stab others. She is direct but with humility. She shines brightly, but does not blind others.

Above all, respect yourself. Give your time, your energy, your money but not your soul.

When you live for another person, you have no life of your own. When you give yourself away, there is nothing left.

Who Will respect those who do not respect themselves?”

~The Tao of Women
Pamela K. Metz & Jacqueline L. Tobin

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