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Senpai Noah Davis

Senpai Frederick Noah Davis

Senpai Frederick Noah Davis

Noah Davis is a student and instructor at Goju Karate Center.  He has been a part of Goju Karate Center since he was seven and has cherished every minute of it. He enjoys the energetic classes as well as the core values the Dojo stands for. Noah is a natural leader and has the rare gift of inspiring the students to work to their highest level. Noah has a commanding but gentle presence and he connects with his students to move them swiftly along their path of self-improvement. He holds the students to the very highest standard both in conduct and in level of effort. His quick wit and playful spirit engage the students to keep them both motivated and inspired.

He has been an instructor for the past four years and aspires to improve in his teaching as well as his own training. He views Sensei Paul and Sensei Michelle with the highest amount of respect possible and admires the way they interact with the students and Goju Karate Center.

Noah has been on the Gold Leadership Team for many years and now serves in the capacity of inspirational leader,  mentor and instructor.

Noah graduated Oceanside High School July 4th, 2015 and is attending Mira Costa Community College in the fall. His future plans are to transfer to a poly tech school and major in either business or engineering.

In his spare time he likes to run, go to the beach and enjoys hiking in nature.

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