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Goju Karate Center offers a variety of Karate Classes for children and adults. We have been teaching Karate Classes and martial arts to the residents of Carlsbad, and the surrounding areas, at our beautiful location in downtown Carlsbad since 1992. All our Karate Classes are conducted in a safe and supportive environment by fully trained professional instructors. We hope you find our website informative and helpful. We believe we offer the best martial arts instruction, life skills program, and training experience anywhere. Get started now.




Don't take our word for it though, this is what people are saying:


"I just got back from a wonderful week in Carlsbad, California, where I had the great pleasure to spend time with Sensei Paul Enfield and Sensei Michelle Vanderlinden-Enfield. Their karate programs are simply amazing. They combine the highest level of technical excellence with a truly innovative and effective teaching method to produce not only highly skilled karateka, but also effective and confident young leaders in modern society.

Everything they do serves the single purpose of creating value for their dojo members. As I told them both, I simply can't imagine a parent watching a class at their facility and not wanting to enroll their child right away. And when it comes to adult training, one would be extremely hard-pressed to find an instructor to follow of Sensei Paul Enfield's expertise, commitment and technical skill.

I have been involved in martial arts as both a student and an instructor for about 30 years and I can honestly say that I have never before seen a program of this high professional calibre. If you are lucky enough to live anywhere near Carlsbad, you owe it to yourself and your family to visit this amazing resource for quality karate and leadership education.

Thank you to the instructors, seniors and members of Goju Karate Center, Carlsbad for an amazing experience of karate excellence! You are setting the bar incredibly high!"

David Oddy

Five Time AAU USA Karate Champion

"... We are constantly being complimented on the behavior of our children and we know that the training that they have received is a cornerstone in their foundation..." The Jones' Family

"...The knowledge and life's lessons they have enjoyed...has been priceless..." The La Grange Family

"...The Goju Karate Center is an extension of our family values and an excellent support system. In fact, I was so impressed with the benefits that my daughter receives from Karate that I joined the Goju Karate Center as well..." D. Trettin

"... Robbie’s teachers at school commented on how much more focused he is and able to concentrate better too..." F. Grangetto

"... He has gained self confidence, better physical control, better control over his impulses and has definitely learned to sit still and focus! The program at Goju Karate is a wonderful program that I recommend to all my friends and family..." L. Wilson

"... And then there is the environment of the dojo - the spirit of respect for self and others is very much built into this Okinawan traditional style..." J. Brighton

"... In particular, we see the teenagers in BBC and all we can say is we want Ethan to exhibit the levels of confidence, dedication and skill demanded to succeed in Karate." The Meade's


I want to thank you for your presentation today. It was one of the most professional and helpful presentations that my students have received this year and possibly any year of their life. Your delivery was much appreciated in that my students had fun and also learned about self-protection tactics that they can use in their lifetime. You and Julio were amazing in attending to the students learning correct techniques and being respectful in their doing so...They enjoyed the activities and your skill at organizing them to do so was brilliant and efficient. Your hand out and life story was moving and the students will carry that away from class and reflect on the importance of knowing self-defense and how to stay safe in every place they travel...You are truly a valued member of the Carlsbad community and I am indebted to you and Julio for spending your time with my Tough, Toned and Terrific PE Class at Carlsbad High School.

Jane McGhee

Carlsbad High School

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly with any questions you may have.

Tel. (760) 434-0353,    email info@gojukaratecenter.com


Member: Gojuryu Karate-do Kenkyukai