1. Ages 3 1/2-5 – Tiny Tigers

    Equip your Tiny Tiger to do his or her very best in school and in life.
  2. Ages 6-14 years – Juniors

    Juniors learn the life and physical skills necessary as they develop into young adults.
  3. Teens and Adults

  4. Private Workshops

    Schedule a workshop to learn how to connect with your personal power today!


Goju Karate Center offers a variety of Training Programs for children and adults. We have been connecting people with their Personal Power through martial arts at our beautiful location in the Village of Carlsbad since 1992 – just a couple of blocks from the beach! All of our classes are conducted in a safe and supportive environment by fully trained professional instructors. We offer the best martial arts instruction, life skills program, and training experience anywhere.

We inspire Personal Power by instilling self-confidence in our students, motivating them to push themselves to and beyond their perceived potential, both physically and psychologically, in a safe and nurturing environment. When a student experiences their intense Personal Power, they are able to breakthrough self-limiting beliefs! TRY OUR NEW STUDENT WEB SPECIAL ONLY $19.95!!

Karate Classes for Children
3½ – 5 years old

As parents, we all want the best for our children. Your child’s confidence grows every time something new is learned! Training at Goju Karate Center will equip your Tiny Tiger to do his or her very best in school and in life.

Karate Classes for Children
6 – 14 years old

Using innovative training methods, and just the right amount of fun, we teach our Junior students the life skills and physical skills they will need to benefit them now and as they grow into adults.

Karate Classes for Adults & Teens 14 years & older

The mental balance and physical fitness achieved through martial arts training equips teens and adults of all ages to successfully deal with the challenges and stresses of our modern world.